Kerr Dental Clinic

At Kerr Dental Clinic, we’re proud to be your Kerr street Oakville family dentist. We know you’re committed to caring for your oral health, and so are we.

About Our Doctor

Meet Dr. Zainab, a female founder and a visionary in the field of dentistry, has made a lasting impact on the lives of her patients. Growing up in the vibrant city of Baghdad, Iraq, she was driven from a young age to help people smile. She honed her skills and expertise by earning a dentistry degree in Canada before establishing her own clinic, Kerr Dental, in the cozy town of Oakville.

With her warm and caring approach, Dr. Zainab builds strong professional relationships with her patients and provides them with the highest quality of dental care.

As a proud member of the Canadian Dental Association and the Ontario Dental Association, she is a shining example of the power of perseverance and the transformative impact one person can have when they follow their dreams and serve others with love.

Let us take care of your smile